Casa Cinceles  e-commerce 

Casa Cinceles is a under developing plataform that allows mexican traditional artisans and craftsman to promote their work on an online platform that may connect with new costumers and collaborations with top's mexican contemporary designers

Year - 2020

Services - Logo, Typography design

Industry - Art & Craft

Client - Casa Cinceles


Cincel (chisel) is a key word in this brand because it implies the craft but also the material, most of the pieces that this platafom has are made out of marble, onix and clay that all they have in common the chisel, how this tool 

can create pieces of art out of an outshaped stone, that proces of "sculpting" the stone to show their true soul wich is the final product. 


For this project i was asked to create a logo but also a typography. 

The typography is inspired in old rome and greece that made their font using chisels too, trying to polish it a little bit to be more 

contemporary while maintening its classic feeling, the font has two variations, Jonic and Doric, named after the collums and as in the name inspiration the Jonic font variation is more ornamented but maintaing its purity