Quinze  design studio 

a strategic design firm that works through product, digital design, branding, facilities and technology.

Year - 2018

Services - Branding, Web design, UX-UI.

Industry - Creative

Client - Quinze Design


Formed by a interdisciplinary group of designers, engenieers and makers who grow through the exchange of different perspectives. Teamwork is a key value therefore the project was not just the leather of design creating but trying 

to express the whole team dynamic and create a brand that makes them have a feeling of belonging. 


Quinze; from the french word for 15, which represents 1&5 the individuality of each member of the team but also the collectivens of it. Each of the initial five members had to be a perfectly fitted piece that can work by themselves but also know that everything they do is for the client

allowing the idea and concept development that may improve people's lifestyle from a social perspective, giving from local to global