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Menstruation is a silent spectacle. For every woman, half of her life, every month or even more often. What currently captures the media's attention is its ambivalence: shame and normality. Bleeding every month is the most common thing in the world. IGNORING IS NOT AN OPTION.

Year - 2019
Services - Investigation, Branding, App Design, UX-UI.
Industry - Health
Client - In house project 

The Challenge

In 2019, 56 million girls aged 9 to 13 experienced menstruation for the first time.

Unfortunately, the majority had negative experiences that affected their physical and emotional development. What's even worse, some girls resorted to suicide due to bullying from their peers, the ignorance of parents and teachers, and the taboo surrounding menstruation.

The Goal

To improve the experience of girls' first menstrual cycle through education with accurate information. Being able to have an approximate date of when it will occur by analyzing different variables

The Solution

Teaching and data analysis, together creating a system for preventing negative experiences, as you will be able to know an approximate date for your daughter's first period, as well as learn about topics related to the first period or sexuality and address them in the right way at the right time

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of having menarche


Graph that indicates
Analysis of female hormones

 Intuitive UX/UI 

App Configuration

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